Brutal Snares

Brutal Snares

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A library of 2164 snares and percussion layers inspired and created with the Arturia Drumbrute and eurorack modular.

Brutal Snares have been recorded from the "Snare", "Clap" and "Rim" instruments of the Arturia Drumbrute through various eurorack modules including the Serge ResEQ. Time was taken to customize the modular patches to get the most variation while minimizing overlap of the core samples. Multiple layer levels, timing of each layer, accent variations and multiple outputs including the comb outs of the Serge ResEQ have been captured for a vast library! In addition, all samples were run through a variety of saturation/distortion effects including a custom chain designed and tailored for Brutal Snares!

1620 variations follow this naming scheme: 
itijik-BongoComb2-X6A.wav = Bongo Snare , Comb Output 2 of the ResEQ, Custom Chain, 6th layer variation, Accent on

O = Original Sample 
D = Analog Tape Drive 
T = Tube Amp 
S = Tube Saturation 
X = Custom Chain

1-6 = Layer Variations 
A = Accent On

The bonus snares were recorded with the primary output of the Serge ResEQ only (no comb outputs). These were the starting point of Brutal Snares which grew into the beastly library it is today.