Brutal Kicks

Brutal Kicks

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A library of kicks inspired and created with the Arturia Drumbrute and eurorack modular.

Brutal kicks have been recorded from "Kick 2" of the Arturia Drumbrute through various eurorack modules including the Serge ResEQ. Three different decay levels and accent on/off were captured, then processed through a few effect flavors to create a palette of kicks to build from! As you will hear, most of the kicks with a longer decay are perfectly capable of filling the role of a bass instrument as well. Have fun and get creative!

264 kick variations follow this naming scheme: 
itijik_DarkKick_A101.wav = "DarkKick" with Analog Tape Drive, 100% Decay, Accent on

T= Tube Amp 
A= Analog Tape Drive 
S= Tube Saturation
00= 0% Decay 
01= 0% Decay + Accent 
50= 50% Decay 
51= 50% Decay + Accent 
100= 100% Decay 
101= 100% Decay + Accent

The bonus kicks are all recorded directly from the Drumbrute and modular synth without any other effects.