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Trap HatR

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itijik Trap HatR
Ratching midi racks for Ableton Live. Perfect for production workflow and creative retriggering!
...Both quantized and un-quantized versions included.

- Octave 1 is used for ratchets, white keys for even divisions, black keys for odd divisions
- The default "F" key is for free for automation
- Keys in Octave 2 and above are for manual triggering


Global for all speed chains, including the Automation chain.

Limit the number of hits per key press. 
(This is not mapped to the automation chain)

SPEED OFFSET (Unquantized version only)
Adjusts speed based on BPM. The range is in (ms) but maps to 155 BPM-120 BPM. Triggering is not synced. This allows tight repeats with loose triggering.

OUTPUT NOTE transposes midi to change the output note

AUTO (F) SPEED controls the speed for only the Automation chain.